The word balguti splits into ‘bal’ and ‘guti. Bal means baby and guti stands for paste. In other words, balguti is a paste made from 20 medicinal herbs. It is given to prevent or treat minor illnesses that affect babies. Such as constipation, stomach aches, dysentery, cough, colds and fever. Balguti is quite simply a DIY home remedy that is free of artificial ingredients and harmful chemicals.I questioned my mother and grandmother about this. Both concurred, balguti can be safely given from the 21st day of a child’s birth (once the child turns 3 weeks). Of course, the dosage is really small and this will be discussed further in the coming paragraphs. The label on my Green Pharmacy balguti pack just mentions that it has a history of countless years and that it is effective and safe for infants. It does not give any clear guideline on when to begin giving it.